2020 06 blueeconomy 2020 COPERTINA 001

2020 06 blueeconomy 2020 COPERTINA 001The EU Blue Economy Report 2020


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The last weeks and months have been a rollercoaster for all of us. Almost every European country has taken strict measures to protect the health of its citizens and manage the impact of the worldwide health crisis. Due to the closing of borders and a steep decline in industrial production European countries are faced with a falling demand and see their economies heading for a downfall. Economic and financial packages are introduced on a European level and on national levels.

In this newsletter we would like to share a few key items that impact the whole of the maritime industry.

1. Many countries have taken economic and financial measures. Keeping track of all of them is quite a task. The IMF COVID tracker is very helpful in understanding the statistics of countries worldwide. The tracker can be found via the following link:


2. Renewal and/ or introduction of strategies of the European Commission is continuing. Two topics that are on the agenda and which are relevant to our cluster:

  1. A European strategy on the future of the blue economy.
  2. A strategy on renewable (offshore) energy.

Both are relevant however ENMC can play its best role in contributing to the blue economy strategy as it combines the various interests of all of our niche sectors. Both strategies will be developed coming months/ this year.

3. Early March the European Commission announced the climate law to meet the EU’s 2050 net zero emissions target. The climate law has to be approved by the European Parliament and member states. For more information: https://ec.europa.eu/clima/policies/eu-climate-action/law_en

Furthermore the Technical Expert Group (TEG) has published its final report on the EU Taxonomy in the first half of March. The Taxonomy gives a clear view of what can be seen as green finance and which investments can be labeled as sustainable. More information is found on via the link:  https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/business_economy_euro/banking_and_finance/documents/200309-sustainable-finance-teg-final-report-taxonomy_en.pdf

4. Relevant events (some have been postponed until a later date):

  1. European Maritime Days were to take place 14 – 15 May in Cork and are postponed to later date possibly this year.
  2. COP26 (UN Climate Conference) was scheduled for November this year in Glasgow and has been postponed to a later date, yet unknown.
  3. The yearly international WISTA conference is planned for 16 – 18 September in Hamburg. More information via www.wistainternational2020.com
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European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC) discusses the future of the maritime industry during EU Shipping Week.

It was with great pleasure that the European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC) welcomed the maritime stakeholders at the European Shipping Week to discuss the future of the European maritime industry and the economics of the clusters behind it. The President of the ENMC, Arjen Uytendaal welcomed the new Commissioner Sinkeviçius (Environment, Oceans and Fisheries) who addressed in his speech the opportunity of the maritime clusters to be pioneers. During the stakeholder dialogue the key topics for ENMC for 2020 were listed.



One year anniversary of the ‘Blauwe Cluster’ in Belgium

Just one year old and already very successful. On the 24th of January the Belgian maritime cluster celebrated its birthday with over 180 people at the state of the art Maritime Research Centre in Oostende. Innovation is one of the cornerstones of the Cluster. With the diversity of members the ‘Blauwe Cluster’ has, it is likely to make 2020 a very interesting year. Belgian minister Crevits underlined the relevance of the cooperation and expressed her support for the cluster’s ambitions.



European Maritime Day

14 and 15 May the European Maritime Day conference and expo (EMD) will take place in Cork, Ireland. At a time where the ocean economy is more and more linked to the land economy and sustainability is slowly but surely becoming part of the DNA of maritime clusters, the European Maritime Day conference offers the network and stage to discuss the blue future. Who of the ENMC members will attend?


2000.1532 Censis primaSi riportano  in allegato le pagine introduttive del volume, che sarà disponibile in libreria a fine gennaio 2020.


50 anni di economia marittima

copA4 2019 OKx stampa laser2Scarica la sintesi in pdf


Presentazione di Censis (Marco Baldi e Andrea Amico)


Presentazione di Cogea (Andrea Pititto)


Presentazione di SRM (Alessandro Panaro)


Il quadro aggregato riferito ai principali indicatori dimostra come, passate le turbolenze, l’economia mondiale si sia avviata sulla strada della ripresa, trainata in particolare dalle dinamiche positive registrate nei Paesi a più forte crescita, seppure il contesto generale dimostri tuttora qualche accenno di instabilità.

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V Rapporto sull’economia del mare.
Cluster marittimo e sviluppo in Italia.
FDM – Censis, 2015.

Il mondo marittimo è riunito dal 1994 nella Federazione del Mare. Essa costituisce il cluster marittimo italiano e vuole rafforzare la conoscenza del Paese e della sua classe dirigente circa l’importanza economica e sociale delle attività legate al mare.

A tal fine, sono stati via via elaborati assieme alla fondazione Censis una serie di rapporti che definiscono il contributo delle attività marittime, siano esse produttive di beni e servizi o istituzionali, allo sviluppo e all’occupazione, mettendo in evidenza come esse si pongano tra i settori economici nazionali più dinamici e svolgano un ruolo di grande importanza nel definire l’assetto non solo logistico, ma anche manifatturiero e terziario del Paese.
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Feeding the Planet: the maritime economy contribution

Nutrire il pianeta: il contributo dell’economia del mare
FDM – D’Appolonia (Rina) – Censis, 2015.

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