Mediterranean the upcoming future.
Recommencement of the re-composition process following the global crisis.
2009, FDM – Censis, Roma.

In cooperation with the Italian Ministry for Infrastructures and Transports on the occasion of the European Maritime Day 2009.

The Mediterranean Sea has always been of fundamental interest to European Union member States such as Italy, France and Spain, yet it is also an important trading point which globalization has endowed with a pivotal new role in the development of North-South and East-West relations.
The development potential of the Mediterranean area is immense, not only in terms of the demand for goods, technologies and skills generated by countries which have experienced a recent growth in GDP – at rates which clearly exceed the rates posted in Europe – but also in terms of the added value generated by the complementary of the countries involved, countries with very different features and resources, but which share a common culture and history and with whom it will be possible to set up and consolidate extremely effective mechanisms of collaboration and cooperation.
This paper’s reflection on the future of the Mediterranean area and the opportunities which may derive from an increase in collaboration between the countries which line the Mediterranean Sea and have already played a leading role in the generation of the history and culture of the area is one of these initiatives.

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