Issue Nº 10 – April 2021
Biannual Flash News on Blue Economy Welcome to the 10th issue of the biannual flash news on blue economy in the Mediterranean region!

You will find the most updated information related to the work of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and its partners to promote the blue economy in the Mediterranean region
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Latest news

1. UfM Ministers commit to further strengthen sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean
On February 2nd 2021, under the Co-Presidency of the European Union and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, at the presence of Nasser Kamel, UfM Secretary General, the Ministerial Conference was held online, under the co-presidency of the European Union and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in the presence of Nasser Kamel, UfM Secretary General, the 2nd UfM Ministerial Declaration on Sustainable Blue Economy was adopted. Ministers from the 42 Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) countries agreed to intensify their efforts towards a sustainable blue economy in the Mediterranean. Doing so, they want to promote the recovery of the region’s economies from the COVID-19 crisis, and address the environmental and climate challenges. Learn more


2. Renewed partnership with the Southern Neighbourhood – A new agenda for the Mediterranean
Twenty-five years ago, the European Union and the Southern Mediterranean partners committed to turning the Mediterranean basin into an area of dialogue, exchange and cooperation, guaranteeing peace, stability and prosperity. The 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration reminds us that a strengthened Mediterranean partnership remains a strategic imperative for the European Union, as the challenges the region continues to face require a common response, especially ten years after the Arab Spring. By acting together, recognising our growing interdependence, and in a spirit of partnership, we will turn common challenges into opportunities, in our mutual interest. Learn more


3. EU Taxonomy regulation: Platform on sustainable finance.
The EU taxonomy is a classification system, establishing a list of environmentally sustainable economic activities. Dialogue and close cooperation among a wide range of stakeholders from the public and private sector will be crucial to deliver on the aims of the EU Taxonomy Regulation and ultimately of the European Green Deal and the EU climate targets for 2030 and 2050. The Platform on Sustainable Finance plays a key role in enabling such cooperation by bringing together the best expertise on sustainability from the corporate and public sector, from industry as well as academia, civil society and the financial industry join forces. Learn more

4. International Day of the Mediterranean: Building a stronger Mediterranean
UfM Member States declared 28 November as the ‘International Day of the Mediterranean’, to be observed from now on each year with the aim to foster a common Mediterranean identity while promoting intercultural exchanges and embracing the diversity of the region. The Day of the Mediterranean aims at fostering a common Mediterranean identity. The cultural dimension is an important component of the celebration and this International Day provides the opportunity to hold local and international events, exhibitions and festivals across the region with a view of strengthening ties between the two shores, promoting intercultural exchanges and dialogue and embracing the diversity of the region. Learn more


5. Briefing European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund 2021-2027
As part of the EU budget framework for the 2021-2027 period, the European Commission proposed in June 2018 a regulation to continue the fund dedicated to the Common Fisheries Policy and the Integrated Maritime Policy. The new fund allows for more flexibility in national programmes. The agreed text was endorsed by the Committee on Fisheries on 22 February 2021. After adoption by the Council, Parliament is expected to adopt the text and complete the procedure at second reading. Learn more


6. Mainstreaming: Key to the Future Interreg Med Programme
Mainstreaming is gaining more and more recognition as a key process in the context of policymaking, and especially in Interreg programmes, as an effective tool to give further visibility to cooperation results and outcomes. Since 2018, PANORAMED has supported six mainstreaming experimentations, which inspired the launch of a short thematic campaign. Learn more


7. ENI CBC Med Programme approves 11 new projects to enhance transfer and reuse of good practices across the Mediterranean region
The Joint Monitoring Committee, decision-making body of the ENI CBC Med Programme, has approved 11 projects under the call for capitalisation projects out of the 69 proposals submitted. The selected projects, worth €11.5 million (of which €10.4 million as EU contribution), gather 76 organizations from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. Learn more


8. Towards a post-2020 Strategy to curb marine pollution from ships in the Mediterranean
In March 2021 the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC), a UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre jointly administered with IMO, convened the Regional Meeting of National Experts on the Mediterranean Strategy for the Prevention of, and Response to Marine Pollution from Ships (2022-2031). Meeting online, representatives of the Contracting parties to the Barcelona Convention pored over a second draft of the Strategy and its Action plan for the decade from 2022-2031. Learn more


9. Fish stocks could recover if 30 per cent of the Mediterranean is protected by 2030
A new report titled “30 by 30: Scenarios to recover biodiversity and rebuild fish stocks in the Mediterranean” by WWF sheds new light on the importance of conservation and advocates for bolder action to ensure that 30 per cent of the Mediterranean Sea be protected by 2030—an objective under negotiation within the UN Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) and enshrined in two landmark strategic plans currently being prepared by SPA/RAC, the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas, under the Barcelona Convention. Learn more


10. Launch of the new online platform “”
The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) suports the SwitchMed initiative to speed up the shift to sustainable consumption and production patterns in the Southern Mediterranean, notably through the promotion of circular economy approaches. This initiative also supports the implementation of the Barcelona Convention and its protocols. Learn more


12. Marine renewable energies in the Mediterranean. Towards a new landscape
The exploitation of marine energy sources opens a discussion on Mediterranean landscape, more than other renewable energies. The research on blue energy is not limited to technological issues but calls for a wider approach. The Blue Deal partnership aims at transferring knowledge on blue energies and prompting their deployment in the Mediterranean, starting from a simple classification.  Learn more


Resources and Opportunities

1. 2nd UfM Ministerial Declaration on Sustainable Blue Economy: video “A Sustainable Blue Economy for the Mediterranean region”
On the occasion of the 2nd Ministerial Conference on Sustainable Blue Economy, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) prepared a series of videos on “Achieving a Blue Economy for the Mediterranean”. You can watch the short versions here and here. And a full version here.

2. Leaflet “Towards a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean region”
Check out the leaflet “Towards a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean region” prepared by the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). Available in EnglishFrench and Arabic.

3. WestMED Assistance Mechanism webinars in partnership with BlueMed
The WestMED Assistance Mechanism organised two webinars on ways to support knowledge and technology transfer towards southern Mediterranean countries in the areas of innovative and sustainable (small-scale) aquaculture and sustainable tourism. Learn more here and here.

4. One Mediterranean: practices, results and strategies for a common Sea – BlueMed CSA Final Conference material now available
All the recordings and materials of the BlueMed CSA Final conference sessions are now out and available on the BlueMed website. You can also find all the videos in the devoted playlist on the BlueMed YouTube channel.

5. Join the BlueMed #hackhatom team competition from 18 to 30 of May
In the frame of the Pilot Action on marine litter, BlueMed launches a Hackathon team challenge to develop ideas and solutions for a Healthy Plastic Free Mediterranean Sea, to promote sustainable blue growth and circular bioeconomy in the Mediterranean. Learn more

6. Study on the impacts of COVID-19 and adaptation measures for the tourism sector in the Mediterranean
The study on Tourism in the Mediterranean was released on October 2020 and presented to the Intermediterranean Commission General Assembly, in which representatives from the European Commission and Parliament – Ms Anna Athanasopoulou (DG GROW) and Ms Josianne Cutajar (MEP, TRAN Committee, SEARICA Intergroup) – also participated. Learn more

7. Explore the Black Sea Virtual Knowledge Centre
The Black Sea Virtual Knowledge Centre (BSVKC) is a project supported by the European Commission and managed by the Permanent International Secretariat of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC PERMIS). The objective of the BSVKC is to provide a centralized platform for information on the Blue Economy in the Black Sea and to improve synergies between stakeholders and Blue Economy related projects in the region. Learn more

8. Euro-Mediterranean Innovation Platform
SEMED is an initiative in collaboration with the European Commission that aims at connecting and producing opportunities for startups, investors, corporates, universities, policymakers, research centres and incubators in the Mediterranean. Learn more

9. Summer School Sustainable Blue Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean Region
The goal of the Summer School on Sustainable Blue Economy in the Euro-Mediterranean Region 2021, organized by the Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale, is to support the creation of stable and attractive career pathways and skilled talents that will be needed to support the expansion of marine and maritime sectors. Learn more

10. Key Policy Paper on Maritime Surveillance and Key Policy Paper on Coastal and Maritime Tourism
In August 2020, a Key Policy Paper on Maritime Surveillance was formally adopted by all PANORAMED partners. This paper outlines specific recommendations to tackle increasing pressure on vessels traffic, mass tourism, climate change, illegal fisheries and pollution. Learn more

11. 1st Scientific Report on Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean
The 1st Mediterranean Assessment Report entitled “Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Basin – Current Situation and Risks for the Future” was released. The report, prepared by MedECC, the independent network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change, with the collaboration of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM, assesses the best available scientific knowledge on climate and environmental change and associated risks in the Mediterranean Basin in order to render it accessible to policymakers, stakeholders and citizens. Learn more

12. The AQUA-LIT Toolbox is out and running!
Discover the AQUA-LIT Toolbox, an online repository full of solutions and recommendations for a better handling of marine litter. The EMFF funded project AQUA-LIT have been working over the last 2 years to bring to life the AQUA-LIT Toolbox, an online repository targeting all stakeholders in the aquaculture value chain, with solutions, measures and recommendation for handling better marine litter from a prevention to a recycling state. Learn more

13. UNEP FI releases reports on financing a sustainable blue economy
The UN Environment Programme’s Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative recently released two reports on sustainable financing the blue economy: Turning the Tide: How to finance a sustainable ocean recovery A practical guide for financial institutions and Rising Tide: Mapping Ocean Finance for a New Decade. The reports were produced through the collaborative efforts of the UN Environment Programme’s Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative (UNEP FI SBE) project team.

14. Training courses and webinars on Blue Economy
Are you looking for the most recent training courses and webinars on Blue Economy? On the training resources section of the Mediterranean Blue Economy Platform, you can access to the recordings and materials of training courses, webinars and conferences delivered by several organizations promoting the Blue Economy in the Mediterranean. Learn more

15. EFCA Call for expressions of interest for experts
The European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) ensures uniform and effective application of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy by organizing operational coordination of fisheries control and inspection activities by the Member States and to assist them to cooperate. This is a call for expressions of interest with a view to drawing up lists of experts to assist in operational coordination activities and assistance in projects on fisheries data analysis, risk assessment and compliance evaluation. Learn more

Upcoming events

  1. 9th EuroGOOS International conference, 03 – 05 May 2021, Online
  2. SUMMIT4OCEANS Sevilla Blue Economy Virtual Event, 18 – 19 May 2021, Online
  3. Ocean Visions Summit, 18 – 21 May 2021, Online
  4. BlueMed #hackhaton, 18 – 30 May 2021, Online
  5. European Maritime Day, 20 – 21 May 2021, Online
  6. Ecomondo’s Digital Green Weeks, May, June and September 2021, Online
  7. Seanergy 2021, 08 – 11 June 2021, Online
  8. UfM Working Group on Blue Economy, 10 June 2021, Online
  9. UfM – WestMed Webinar ‘Digitalisation skills in the aquaculture and tourism sectors in the Mediterranean region, 10 June 2021, Online
  10. EMODnet Open Conference and Jamboree 2021, 14 – 16 June 2021, Online
  11. SeaFuture 2021: Naval Defense Exhibition & Conference, 14 – 17 June 2021, La Spezia – Italy
  12. European Conference of Aix-Marseille University: Protect Our Oceans, The Challenge of Europe’s Global Leadership, 16 June 2021, Online
  13. Structures in the Marine Environment 2021 conference, 17 – 18 June 2021, Online
  14. 16th Annual International Symposium on Environment, 12 – 15 July 2021, Online
  15. IUCN World Conservation Congress, 03 – 11 September 2021, Marseille, France
  16. Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2021, 26 – 27 October 2021, Amsterdam – Netherlands
  17. Ecomondo 2021, November 2021, TBD.


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