The centre of expertise for development and environment at the service of the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, Plan Bleu, published  in April 2022 its “Guidelines for the sustainability of cruising and recreational boating in the Mediterranean region”. Download and read the Guidelines directly on Plan Bleu website.

These guidelines aim to provide an analysis of the impacts of the cruise and yachting sector. They also make it possible to establish a report on good practices for sustainable development around this sector. Finally, they provide food for thought for political decision-makers and people competent to legislate and limit pollution in these sectors. These high impact measures will support Mediterranean countries in reaching their commitments made in the framework of the European Green Deal, the Sustainable Development Goals, the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development and more recently the new Strategy for a Blue Economy adopted by the European Commission.

This work was carried out by Plan Bleu in the framework of the INTERREG MED program : Blue Growth Community in partnership with two other Interreg communities: the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community and the Sustainable Tourism Community.