Taking the occasion of the EMFAF Power4MED international event in Oran next week, the Algerian National Hub and National Coordinators prompted synergies focusing their WestMED National Event on Green Shipping on February 12th.

We are therefore glad to share the agenda herewith 2024.Agenda.Algeria.National. Event.Green.Shipping(EN)v8

and invite you to join, in presence or online at the following link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86747614913?pwd=6IczaW14mwdUkOJY8dTbIIHMbnYGNk.1

Among the speeches, a couple of interventions will also focus on desalination, a rising topic strictly related to the port infrastructures and alternative fuels for the maritime economy.

Looking forward to your participation, we invite you to contact Mr Samir Bachouche, National Hub for the WestMED Initiative in Algeria: